(8) Levopter Approaching Cargo Pod 9 scaled 600w

How Levopters Will Be Used

(3) Levopter Above Oblique Vehicle_Africa_01 smallThe first commercial levopter will be designed to carry 1,000 kilograms (2,200 pounds).

(6) Levopter Looking Up No Pods 6_b small.jpg

(5) Levopter Looking Up All Pods 7 small.jpgThe levopter will have space for six cargo pods measuring 1 meter in diameter and 0.5 meter in depth (3′ 3″ x 1′ 8″) each with a weight capacity of 170 kilograms (375 pounds)

The levopter will fly like a drone, without a pilot, to a farmer’s location where it will drop one or more empty cargo pods.

(7) Levopter Cargo Pod Rigged Between Poles 8 small

A farmer will load a pod and hang a cable that is attached to the pod from two poles.

(8) Levopter Approaching Cargo Pod 9 small(9) Levopter Up-Loading Cargo Pod 10 small

Suspended from the bottom of the levopter is a hook to snare the cable and finally winch the pod into position.

The farmer’s cargo will be carried to a market where a good price will be paid for the farmer’s hard efforts.

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